‘If one stays true to himself, luxury goes beyond vanity’

The Story of my Life
Being artistically inspired since childhood, I decided to study Industrial Design at Delft University (NL). Here I worked on the development of both my technical and creative side. The master’s degree at the Domus Academy in Milan (IT) following after this, meant the refinement of conceptual thinking in all of my product developments, for both industrial and handicraft projects.

After my graduations I followed through on one of my strongest wishes: to work with the most established and elite handicraft on earth: Made in Italy,  since ages the nec plus ultra for a creative soul. The study of aesthetics in the cultures of marble, leather, glass etcetera are outstanding. Italy stimulates all the cultural and creative senses found in those fields. Although I have still the Dutch approach, I’ve been strongly influenced by the emotional and cultural spirit of Italy.

The international leading brands I work with brought me the opportunity to intensify my work and acquaint myself with several brands and designers which gave a strong boost to my own creativity and independency. In Italy I learned how to cope with feelings and creative emotions and how to translate that materially.

By combining  both technical and creative concepts I was able to develop and refine myself as an artist.

The Magic of Rings
There is something magical about rings. The moment you put on a ring, something happens to you. It gives you strength and emphasizes your personality. The true value of a ring lies in the strictly personal meaning it has for the person who wears it. Every piece is the result of continually searching for inner essence and breaking the traditional boundaries with. Rings are explosions of life.

Objects of Desire
I apply my philosophy on all objects, Industrial or hand-made. I believe in authenticity. Every creation is interesting, irrespective of whether I made it from metal, plastic or wood, or something entirely different.  I want to make beautiful objects that are an extension of my creative flow and set a strong desire free in the beholder. It is my aim to fuse technology and poetry into a unique piece of art. The spiritual starting point of a first idea is based on emotions and discoveries gained through personal experience.