‘Drops of wine’, glass sculptures blown in Murano, Venice. When you’re a guest in an Italian household, the first thing they’ll ask you is: ‘Would you like a drop of wine?’

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marmo pricess.jpg

Contemporary marble statues and treasure chests. Taking away the vanity aspect of body jewelry. Handcrafted in Carrara, co-production Ligeri.

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‘Twin Vases’ in blown glass and marble for art exhibition Verona. Both have the same shape, but like real twins the differences of the materials can be noticed in the detailing.

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Contemporary Accessories in metal, Made in Italy. Bringing together technology and poetry in industrial objects.

prada 3 dettaglio bis.jpg

Carbon Fiber extra-light broom, design proposal for Prada’s ‘Luna Rossa’ sailboat. The broom is a symbol for clarity and cleanness.


Double injection molding, production Rubbermaid US, 1 million pieces. An ordinary consumer product molded with transparency requires complex machinery.


Dustpan sets produced by Haug Buersten, Germany. Best seller for 10 years, very well produced in Germany, staying loyal to high quality production.